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Solar Rebates

Solar electricity has long proven itself as a reliable power source, used widely and successfully for satellites and remote telecommunications.  Now, with advances in system efficiencies and reductions in cost over the last few decades, installing a solar electric system has become practical and attractive for homeowners as well.

Massachusetts residents are installing solar electric systems, also called photovoltaic (PV) systems, on their homes in increasing numbers each year.  Substantial rebates from the state of Massachusetts along with federal incentives have helped make these systems more affordable for hundreds of homeowners.

The typical installed cost of an average sized home system is around $9.00 per watt of system capacity.  A typical 2,500-watt (2.5-kilowatt) system would cost approximately $22,500 (without any financial incentives).  This cost will vary somewhat based on system size, site characteristics, permit fees, and any optional equipment additions.

MMLD recognizes the solar incentive program that the Commonwealth Solar (CEC) offers and will accept proposals for rebate requests.  
Our Light Commission will review these proposals and respond with their decision.